Designed to help you achieve better blood sugar numbers, lean muscle growth, and act as a tool for weight loss if desired.

Exercise + Insulin Sensitivity BluePrint Course

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You need SPECIFIC guidance, strategy + resources from someone who has done it.

You don’t need to continue cutting carbs and hoping for better results.

“...Not only did Lauren help me to reach my goal of lowering my A1C from a 7.1 to a 6.5, I increased my insulin sensitivity ( carb ratio went from 1:13 to 1:18), lost 8 pounds, started workouts that actually got me results….{and} was eating more carbs and using less insulin.”

Molly Hornbeck, Type 1 Diabetic

Results You Can experience

before the course

You’re super frustrated because excess insulin makes it *imposs* to lose weight (+ keep it off sustainably)

You feel like you’re stuck in that vicious carb-spike-insulin cycle

You get frustrated working out only to have a low blood sugar and find yourself stopping to drink juice

There’s no pattern in your insulin resistance, + it’s driving you crazy

You spend hours exercising + dieting, eating low carb, + see little to no results

It feels like you’re putting effort in but “missing” a piece that you can’t figure out

After the course

You’ll have a life with more clarity and freedom and you’ll be eating MORE carbs and using LESS insulin

You’ll come back down to a normal range of blood sugar faster after a meal or correcting a high blood sugar

You’ll understand the “missing pieces” outside of food and more cardio to reach your weight loss goals

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of the roles certain habits, food, + hormones play in insulin resistance

You’ll learn how certain factors of IR are showing up in your life, the science + data behind it, + action steps to combat it

You’ll know what is going to happen with your blood sugars going into exercise

You’ll feel more confident and have more peace of mind knowing you have all the tools you need to get yourself some actual RESULTS

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Did you know that 97% of our thoughts are the same As the day before? 

If you don’t take action today, you’ll likely feel the same in 3,6,12 months from now

Since the strategies in the course are exactly what I use and give my clients to help them increase their insulin sensitivity for better blood sugars and weight loss, I wanted to paint a picture of my own transformation that can easily be you.

I know what you’re thinking…

”Could this ACTUALLY work for me?

“Will I be able to see results?”

“I see that you’ve done it...but what about me?”

My answer….. HELL YES. If you’re willing to put in the work with the tools I give you.

Alright LB, tell me how this Exercise + Insulin Sensitivity Blueprint Course works

This is a do at your own pace online video course for people with diabetes who want to see better blood sugar numbers and/or weight loss without restriction. This program best serves people with Type 1 Diabetes, but will benefit people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes as well. All material is through video + powerpoint + supplemental worksheets with action steps to implement. 

Course Introduction

+ Objectives and outline of course
+ Deep dive into insulin resistance 
+ Common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight / get better blood sugars for exercise


Course Outline

Fine Tuning your foundation with Hormones

+ Understanding the roles certain hormones play in insulin resistance
+ Practices to implement to lessen the impact of hormones on blood sugar
+ Strategies of how to combat blood sugar fluctuations from hormones if they do occur


Intermittent Fasting

+ Your most frequently asked questions answered
+ Who intermittent fasting is most beneficial for and who should avoid it
+ How to tell if intermittent fasting is working in increasing your insulin sensitivity
+ Meal ideas for coming off a fast



+ A break down of the best exercise for increasing insulin sensitivity
+ How to prevent low + high blood sugars before and after exercise
+ BONUS: A copy of my 12 week workout guide with 54 workouts and exact schedule 



+ The one macronutrient most people don’t pay attention to but is essential for weight loss + increasing sensitivity
+ Tools beyond counting calories for weight loss success


See below for course students that are HYPED


Molly Hornbeck, type 1 diabetic

“As someone who was living with Type one for 15 years, I thought i had it pretty much figured out. Not only did Lauren help me to reach my goal of lowering my A1C from a 7.1 to a 6.5, I increased my insulin sensitivity ( carb ratio went from 1:13 to 1:18), lost 8 pounds, started workouts that actually got me results….{and} was eating more carbs and using less insulin.”

Ashley Bockett, Type 1 Diabetic

“Before I met Lauren, I was exercising almost 7 times a week but still gaining weight. I have now lost over 10 pounds. I cut my insulin intake down by almost 50% and I am feeling better in my skin than I have in a long time”

Miriam Brand, Type 1 Diabetic

“With Lauren I developed a fitness routine (literally went from absolute zero exercise besides walking to doing 3-4 workouts a week), I lowered my A1C to 6.7 (the absolute lowest I’ve ever been in my 21 years of T1D), lost 9 pounds, decreased my hypoglycemia anxiety, + most importantly—I gained confidence in myself. ”

I remember feeling frustrated, out of control, and just wanting a solution from someone who had overcome this problem before. These are the exact strategies I use in my own life + teach my clients to incorporate into theirs.

Meet Your Teacher!

Lauren Bongiorno coaches and creates resources for people with Diabetes all over the world to achieve optimal diabetes management and feel strong and empowered. Lauren's practice is rooted in her 360 degree approach, emphasizing wellness throughout the mind and body, as well as lifestyle, and physiology. She believes that through self reflection and mindfulness we are better able to understand our own patterns, achieve our goals, and reform our most limiting habits. Lauren continues to be a leading voice in the online community to her 30k followers, is the author of the Diabetic Health Journal, is an ambassador for Lululemon, on the global council for Beyond Type 1, and was recently nominated by Pure Wow as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs to watch for 2019 for her innovative work in the diabetic space.

Ready to achieve greater freedom and control?

Let me show you the exact strategies you need as a person with diabetes to achieve better sugar control and have an enjoyable weight loss journey ( yes, that’s possible).

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